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  1. brought about in me an undiscovered hatred for the bitch.i liked madonna so much more when i thought she was just a whore.
  2. same situation as you abcs.meds aint working.been super tense.theres not much you can do really. i think some of us are just built like that. kinda like we are always on that level of anxiety. thats our normal or something. lately ive just been sketching and excercising like crazy.excercise is great for stress. and drinkin on this sleepy time tea shit.its got valerian in it. calms you down alot. benzos are great...at first. then after a while they lose that same calming affect and you have to take more and more of them. idk dude...have you tried smoking weed? im thinking about taking that shit up and just blazin instead of getting on the xanax tip again.self medicate and whatnot. but really your doing everything you need to do.seems like you got some problems that may need to be adressed.you should probably talk to someone. like a shrink or whatever. it helps to get the things out that stress you. probably not the best advice and probably all shit youve heard before but hey...
  3. its always good to have a wingman with you.you second guess yourself alot when you dont. thinking man i cant do this or its to hot and having him keep you from siking your self out.plus having someone to watch your back is always good.a good extra pair of eyes and fists is always good thing to have on hand. i paint alone mostly..in yards.its creepy as fuck being all alone in the woods and shit.lots of tweekers live out their too so you gotta be careful
  4. ive been raided twice.shit sucks.they completely trash your shit.fuck em.
  5. for a police officer to search you on the streets (legally) they need A. your consent,which you would be a dumbass to give in most cases B. search after incident of arrest i.e.you got caught doing something stupid so they go through your shit. C.they have some form of probable cause. like you have paint on your hands or your lookin mad intoxicated. if your underaged and out at night your violating curfew and they tend to have a right to search your shit. idk if its a right but i just know they will. probable cause is basicly some form of evidence that leads a police to believe that you are up to no good and have some shit on you. it could be all types of shit. all of which you can debate in court and if the folks find your arguement valid and the search wasnt up to code all that evidence is thrown out.and this usualy means they drop the case..not always thoguh for your house to get raided: this is just based off personal experience. -you get arrested for graffiti -you are caught with sketches.or pics on your phone like dude said -someone snitches on you, and if you have priors that tends to be enough for them to be able to get a judge to sign a search warrant -you let them in. GOD FORBID YOU EVER DO THIS. if you see police at your door dont answer it. cops have been known to slide their way through open doors and once their in thats basicly like saying "your free to look around officer" not a lawyer or nothing.just stuff ive read or heard and stuff that ive had experience with.hope that helps for people who really want to know.
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