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  1. honestly i dont remind a little hair down there.but there is a big difference between pussy hair thats tasteful and the ones that are just a full on thicket of stank. you girls always bitch if we dont shave but yall can get away with it? get the fuck on with that shit.
  2. this thread is scaring me.i have a permanent disgusted face on because of this shit.uuuuugggghhhh
  3. honestly,all these stories of fat girl rape has gotten me shook.thats why im starting a coalition against this kind of atrocities.its time we stood up to these sick sexual predators and future diabetic patients. we'll call it... WOMEN.ofABNORMALY.LARGEsize.RAPING.US.SEXUALLY. or W.A.L.R.U.S UNITE AND FIGHT!
  4. finding a fat japanese girl is like finding a unicorn.ive never found one...
  5. really i felt obligated to post that pic because of the one that came before it.as a peace offering for burning you corneas. dont take it too seriously.
  6. smash or trash?do i have to ask??
  7. a big white girl and chicken flavored top ramen.A GHETTO BLACK MANS WET DREAM.
  8. if the aliens vaporize china i wont shed a tear.no real loss.besides all the hot asians are in japan and korea.REAL TALK.
  9. the only thing that even matters to me in this thread. APPLAUD THIS MAN.APPLAUD HIM DAMMIT!
  10. i assume this has already been posted but if it hasnt here it goes.its like latfh but with juggalos.no word on how quality it is... http://lookatthisfuckingjuggalo.tumblr.com/
  12. im waiting for someone to catch that slip up in my post...
  14. they sound more like slow kids than ones with behavioral problems...i thought you were talking about group home shit.i was in a group home shit.heard alot of fucked up stories there.... good shit regardless.
  15. double standards are such a bitch.yes its rape.are you gonna win a case?fuck no.unless the bitch looks like jaba the hut..then maybe you'll get some sympathy points from the jury but watch there be a fat bitch on there talking bout "BIG GIRLS NEED LOVIN TOO" and there you go,hung jury.your fucked buddy.literally and figuratively. its fucked up though.a girl sleeps with a dude and has regrets,she can scream rape and have a whole army of fools at her feet tryna fight for her.if a dude gets raped by a sumo wreslter type bitch people tell them to "suck it up and be a man" FUCK THE SYSTEM. smh.
  16. thats what i thought you meant..which was my whole arguement.if they want to buy it and make it into a mosque or community center let em.fuck who doesnt like it.i wasnt aware that democrats opposed that shit though.then again i havent really been up on politics lately. this reminds me of a story i saw today about some guy being fined by the home owners association for having a flag up with the "dont tread on me" sentiment.on some tea party shit.im not a big fan of the tea party movement but its his house let him put a flag up.if a dude wants to rock a sign with a swastika or a giant cock on it its his property let him do it. i get real heated over shit like that and could go on for days about similar cases. fuck the world.
  17. i stopped listening to that fool fifty when he dropped that video game.i played half a mission and lost all respect for that motherfucker.how could you let that shit drop fifty? fools aint got quality control at where he works? i will say this.in his earlier years he had some good songs.i liked him back then.
  18. what do you mean by property rights angel? i have an idea of where your going with this but i wanted to hear it from you...you usually know what your talking about...
  19. yeah because lying on your back for half an hour is real hard work.lol.
  20. yeah because lying on your back for half an hour is real hard work.
  21. i love to watch the news and see these political pundents acknowledge the fact that they have a constitutional right to build the mosque there but in the same breath ask what obama plans to do about it.and its even more hilarious that its the same people who are constantly bitching about how the constitution is being torned to shreds.the way i look at it is you have a constitutional right to worship whatever religion you so please.and part of that right is being able to have a place of worship.and you more or less have the right to build it where ever the fuck you feel you should.if you want to build a church of satan next to a christian church you have the right to.imo.and im a christian.bottom line the government,regardless if its state local or federal needs to stay the fuck out of this.this is one of those damned if you do damned if you dont kinda things for obama.if he steps in he's violating peoples first amendment rights,if he doesnt everyone else is gonna fuck with him for not "standing up" for the folks who died on 9/11.i can understand why people are pissed,especially those in new york.but i find it hard to believe that all muslims are some sort of blood thirsty america hating savages or some shit like that.idk.to me it doesnt bother me.maybe because i dont live there.still.if they build it there or not i could really give a fuck.i probably wont ever be near it anyways.if yall niggas wanna spend money on a mosque or community center.DO IT.if they start stepping in on this issue who knows what other aspects of our lives they will feel the need to step in next.
  22. if any of you ever get the chance, fishing is probably one of the most peaceful things you can do. i never thought i would enjoy fishing. but i went to some family members to visit and they have a pond with catfish and bass on their property. i dont know what it is about fishing but its very soothing. if your like me and have alot of racing thoughts and anxiety it goes away when your fishing. because your so focused on casting the line and trying to get a catch and when you do it feels hella good. i know most of you are in the city and probably dont get the chance to go out in the country that much but if you do, do it. its really worth it. pics ^^^the fish. sorry for just bringing links but my computer is very slow and i cant upload them to image shack. btw im fucking getting faT. :(
  23. this photo gives me hope actually.if you look real close the 10th picture looks slightly better than the 9th.this tells me that after a couple years the meth starts to level out and your appearances starts to revert back to normal.so all you methheads dont listen to the folks who tell you you need to quit.if you stick with it long enough your appearance will come back to the way it was except with a much more slimmer figure.so stop going to all those family interventions.they just dont want you to reach your full potential as a healthy,skinny attractive human being.
  24. why cant they just hug it out.i would really like to see what a fatjoe 50 cent duet would sound like.kinda like when paul mcartney and stevie did ebony and ivory... bringing black folks and ricans togethah or some shit like that. but yeah 50 would wreck that fat nigga.i mean fat is in his name for christs sake.that fool looks like he has the stamina of the grandma off soulfood.after the bitch lost her foot.
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