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  1. whats up you fags... checking in even though nobody probably remembers me lol. IG killed 12oz, its sad to say.. I miss this place for sure tho. lots of funny shit buried in a lot of these threads, got to link with a lot of writers from 12oz too. I wish it would pick back up, we need a place like 12oz that's only graffiti oriented unlike Instagram. theres a level of community on 12oz you cant get on other sites.

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  2. back when I first started I did basically the same shit, I wanted to meet up with this one writer so I put my name next to his whenever I seen it up, eventually we met at a park (no homo) and caught tags on all the benches and then the police came and I went to jail. FRIENDS FOR LIFE after that



    not really, dude doesn't even write anymores.

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  3. This kid is for real? ^^^. Hilarity at its best. You gotta be some Cartmen-esque kid with some hermaphroditic mother. Romanians is white huh? what cause of their skin color? pfft what about culture kid? So the white south africans or white? not south africans by culture? What about Spaniards, Cubans, Mexicans, and Puerto Ricans? Things differ dumb ass. Ill agree with with you yeah pay check to pay check shit is tough. And pay check to pay check at least means someone is busting their ass to get that check. Im talking about those collecting the check and not doing shit. That is what Im angry about. IM not labeling race or anything. Ive done what it takes to survive and pay the bills, taxes, what ever.


    Romania is in Europe, just because they are in the Balkans and don't fit with stereotypical honkies from the north and west Europe doesn't change genetics.


    don't act like EBT is some horrible thing and that people just need to "work harder" sometimes you don't have a choice, a lot of places you have to work 2 or 3 jobs just to barely scrape by, and even still that shit isn't enough. minimum wage is slave wages in this country. and that's where ebt and snaps etc. come into play. sometimes you cant find a job or can't find one where you can properly support yourself.. so what choice do you have? starve? if the government is goin to give me assistance im going to take it, because at that point its about survival.. and considering the talk in Washington about defunding or cutting back social welfare programs you're damn right if I was in this same circumstance I would be buying out the whole store.. don't blame these people because they caught the gov. with its pants down.. they are probably just seeing the handwriting on the wall and getting it in before they can't anymore.

  4. lol a bunch of graffiti writers trying to take the moral high ground. fuck all that bullshit, whats the difference between this and racking? regardless the losses are going to be put back on the consumer to compensate, so it is what it is.



    but this is 12oz so there is a 70/30 chance that you guys don't rack or paint etc.

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  5. god watches you masturbate


    thats why I try to make it as awkward as possible for him, by staring at the ceiling and pointing at it while screaming at the top of my lungs, imagine walking in on someone masturbating, you lock eyes with him, and he is just shrieking at you.. thats gotta be a situation that sticks in your mind for a while.

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