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Everything posted by bigdoughnut69

  1. Was out in the country today, near Malta, Illinois. Population not worth counting. Only shot I had time to edit.
  2. Next week Im going to get a Canon 60d off ebay, brand new, with 4 lenses, 2 sd cards, 3 filters(whatever), 2 batteries, and a tripod for $1089. Seems like a good deal to me. Thoughts? Link: http://www.ebay.com/itm/New-Canon-60D-EOS-Body-9-Lens-Full-Kit-24GB-More-USA-/151071449243?pt=Digital_Cameras&hash=item232c8f609b
  3. Depressing that such asshole's are in positions of authority. WTF. Also, I'd also sue the neighbor for creating this whole cluster fuck.
  4. DSD666 is gonna be out in Brooklyn. Should hook up with him. Totally not severely depressed anymore and now strapped with a heater so your safety is assured, seeing as you will be taking a tour of the shittiest parts of NYC. You may get blasted..., but you could also get blasted in detroit.
  5. Just dont go see a movie and decide to have a conversation during it. Dats dat shit Dao don't like. ...and dont forget those ultra tight pant.
  6. Probably could have been a little clearer but I'm trying to shoot people more as opposed to landscapes. I haven't really shot people, other than with staged iPhone pics I don't really care about. I feel I have a decent grasp on night shots, night lighting, depth of field issues with the differing appetures etc.. I lurked this thread forever and read everyone's advice and goto the links people add. I'm going to try and get some shots of people around Chicago in a natural setting and then I'll post and Ill see what you guys think.
  7. Bout to grill some burgers, lurking craigslist for a new apartment to moves into, editing some flicks. Dealing with anxiety issues.
  8. I shoot a ton of landscapes but have been trying to work in the human element. Any advice on any of my pics is welcome.
  9. Wouldn't McDonald's be bigger than Cat for Illinois?
  10. Been shooting a little more lately.
  11. Night shots taken last night. Bridge shot in the winter.
  12. I had to send my dad the video so he could watch this psychopath drive. He was as stupid faced as I was. Crazy shit. I wonder if guy is still alive... and if car is also still in one piece.
  13. $4.49 for regular unleaded- South Side of Chicago.
  14. MY MORNING JACKET Completely late to the party but I love these doods. Southern rock.
  15. Fuck it. I would of tried and put the hoe appreciation line out there. She got a boyfriend?? Big deal. Maybe she likes to fuck around. You never know if you're telling her how great it was that she lived near you.
  16. RIP Ray. He graduated from my highschool: St. Rita on the south side of Chicago.
  17. Probably going to get some shit for this but watched Silver Linings with Bradley Cooper and Jennifer Lawerance(so fucking hot) and liked it. Story was pretty original and moved along. Cooper's character is a mental case but funny.
  18. Only bright spot on my team now is Chris "The Kid" Sale. Threw a gem last night. Injuries are hurting my starting pitching with Danks and Floyd out and Peavey having stiffness in his back. Think it's time to consider shopping Jakey. Last place is no fun but it was inevitable with the age on our roster.
  19. My allergies have crippled me so I'm kinda bed-ridden. Doc on Friday can't come fast enough.
  20. As much as I dislike Floyd as a person, he's gonna dominate Guerrero. Also, how do you call yourself "Money" and "The Money Team" when you ducked the BIGGEST money payday (Potentially) in the history of the sport??? He'll forever be ducking that move. He's a great fighter but Floyd will never live that down.
  21. That meal may be able to peel paint off the wall when it exits your body. BBQ'ing chicken. Hawkey time sooooooooooooon!!
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