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Everything posted by bigdoughnut69

  1. Are you on any type of medication? legal or recreational?
  2. bigdoughnut69


    Graff skills are to whatnot as tits are to this thread
  3. The elusive 'dog-whale' makes an appearance in this thread?!?!? Internet is about to break.
  4. Look what this emo fag said about you... 4 FUCKING YEARS AGO
  5. Whole situation is disastrous. Really awful that this country's people are going through this again. I'm not trying to be a raging asshole here but I don't understand these people throwing rocks at other people who have machine guns and rifles and are firing them. Where are the bomb makers? ...and if the Palestinians can get guns, why can't the Egyptian people? Sad video and a lot of unnecessary death happening, IMO. Guy at 8:08 who was just hanging out in the middle of a firefight, wtf was he thinking?
  6. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JY2hMgZ_Ocg
  7. Re: narcisism? I think you're just extremely introverted and may have a touch of agoraphobia (fear of crowds/groups of peoples). Maybe if you learned how to be more social, more outgoing, you wouldn't hate people so much and I think your attitude would shift. Do you really hate people or do you just not socialize well and avoid social interaction because of the stress/anxiety/general discomfort from feelings of insecurity? How do you talk to women with this problem or are you a chronic masturbator (no homo bro)?
  8. Newgirl is hella enormous!!! Mised her titty balls tho. Gigantic gums are gigantic. Maybe shots of your butthole would be more appealing to us upstanding gentlemen of teh Oontz.
  9. Like she never gets a period..., ever...., mixed with androgynous body odor and 9 day old dirty laundry.
  10. This pic had so much potential but damn image is blurred in spots.
  11. $570 for two Traps?? I need a 30 year note on each.
  12. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! ^^Stanza, did you buy that on the black market? Venomous snakes.... not for me. Shit, even garter snakes skeez me out.
  13. Did I hear somebody say they had a vial??
  14. Everything is good in S.D. Stop by Lahaina's on the beach for beers and ladies. I cant remember if you can drink on the beach anymore or if it's only the 4th of July that you couldn't. If you get a chance, head up to Del Mar. You can drink there and the Power Station has a really nice beach area.
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