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Everything posted by bigdoughnut69

  1. ^^Cake?? Fuckin Cake??? I'm trying to get my underslept ass outta bed and into the shower. I'd really be happy if I won the lottery soon. Work.
  2. That Auburn-Bama game was awesome. If I were Alabama's kicker I'd kill myself. Not only do you miss the field goal to win, you come up short and allow Auburn to run it back 106yards. Crazy fucking ending.
  3. Block knife with arm, get artery severed, get stitched up postmortem. Great idea.
  4. Just waking up. Gonna eat some leftovers and get ready for work at the bar. Should be a slow fucking afternoon.:(
  5. Damn Drue. Another full scale production. Good work. Anyone gonna help you clean this year? How many people are you cooking for?? I hope I eat half as well today.
  6. Bout to bake some cookies for my little niece. Clean the house, shower, shave, and get mydelf looking presentable to go by my fam's. Thinking about all the potatoes I'm going to eat today. I could use a coffee.
  7. I need a short nap, then I have to go to the gym, then for a run, the shower for my second job today. Huge night at the bar. Also amateur night at the bar. And dooschbag night.
  8. Slow as shit in the business world this week. Everybody is already on vacation. Ooooontzzz shall suffice.
  9. Send me your biological mommy's number. I need to ask her why she didn't abort you or swallow you.
  10. Meth, Hookers with penises, and whatnot.
  11. ^^^^^^THIS RIGHT HERE^^^^^^^^^^^^ This mope rents a studio apt with his beard and inherited child. Has a shit laboring job(non-union)401k to DAO is a candy bar. Nice cars? How nice is Texas public transportation? Probably baller. ..., and I'm positive his woman beats him. DAO=FRAUD This toy is a fabrication.
  12. ^^^RECREATIONAL FOOD ON LOCK!! Top Sirloin Steak, mixed steamed vegetables, and potatoes.
  13. RIP JUSTIN BIEBERFITTI Thread RIP Dao's: Street Cred/Cheese Steak PhD/Sexual Orientation(NO HOMO) RIP spike in traffic on the Oontz. Best thing to happen on 12oz in forever and DAO had to cry to the mods that his butthole hurt.
  14. Wondering why the JUSTIN BIEBERFITTI thread was closed.
  15. Dao the type of nigga to threaten physical violence as a veiled effort to have physical intimacy with another man and then talk about crushing pussy hoping that will disguise his obvious homo desires.
  16. ^^^ You're an enigma. I hate it when I fall asleep on my remote and wake to find I drained the batteries.
  17. Daoleware is just like Compton. Yo Dao, Bieber grew up closer to Philly than you did and he's from Canada. Canada is now Philadelphia.
  18. Damnnnnnnn Georgie boy. You crippled your delf. At the gym murdering my body. Masochist life
  19. Sounds just like people who tell my they're from Chicago. Me: "Oh yeah? What part?" Some Dao'ish fucktard: "Kankakee." This Texan absolutely Daoidn't ever go to high school. Maybe walked by one but that's about it.
  20. ... To beat his wife at least once a week.
  21. "Never miss a prime opportunity to keep your mouth shut" "It's better not to say anything and have people think you're an idiot than to open it and confirm what everyone was thinking." I think both are from A. Lincoln more or less.
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