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  1. SVERE ADM by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on FUCK YOU I been BUSY SVERE did too much bath salts and tried to eat a niggas face off, and he was nekid. der go da video.... http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TFYhEAVPGRg
  2. Get Money! by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr
  3. Get Money! by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr
  4. ENDER x PASER MFK x ???? x FAEK by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr Off the interstate and shit.
  5. also this should be fun. This should be fun. by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr
  6. NOSEY 42 x PASER MFK x WASP SYW x LEVI SYW x GNARS VD by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr
  7. I listened to Mean Jeans "are you serious" all weekend. Check em out. I'm on my phone and too lazy to find the youtubes links.
  8. "This picture is actually done by someone other than Nosey42. ***I believe this person has some kind of affiliation with Studio 42 tattoo place in Bartlett The original 42's were around before Studio 42"
  9. SVER ADM by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr RAKN by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr NOSY 42 by _:MemphisOrDie:_, on Flickr
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