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  1. first anything in a wicked long time (at least a year.) comments appreciated.
  2. im not sure, but it seems like you're bars seem shakey and the width is too off...i'd so go back to simples. but you're showing creativety which is good mang.
  3. crits? i dk how to smooth out my colors...
  4. alright, thanks for the advice man, any crits for the piece?
  5. Jakd, try simples man, your bar width is all over the place, and your 3d is off in a lot of different places. also not a fan of the bubbles. but you're handstyle in my opinion looks fine
  6. its been so long i couldn't find any of my blackbooks but i realized i really missed drawing so i tried it again. crits?
  7. latest piece, lines are shakey and roughly not the same size....but atleast im gettin back into it
  8. - really toy shit. going back to simples now. rancor, i could totally be off, but try keeping the bars the same width, on some pieces different widths can loook tight, but on that one i just dont think it works. Also the 3d on the K looks a tiny bit off. sides that nice.
  9. - really shitty simple. mad long time since i've done anything. really crappy right now. i'll post better shit later.
  10. bump for crits? miah loving the cleanness of your pieces keep that shit up.
  11. not a fan of the fill but at 3 fuckin am i cannot think of a better one.
  12. Willin to do an exchange, rusty as fuck, just a warning, ive only done one piece yesterday since november.
  13. do simples first, like the letters on your keyboard. and dont worry about color yet in my opinion just focus on your structure.
  14. havent done anything since november, finally got another black book, pencil and a sharpie and knocked this piece of shit out. o ya this too.
  15. the glow/outline needs work, its uneven, so uneven it looks like it was half ass atempt at it and no part of a piece should be halfassed. imo (its not meant to be rude, just an observation.)
  16. radar i disappear for like 3 weeks and you advance this much, wtf! haha good work man keep that shit up
  17. Shitttttt now my latest lame ass piece even looks worse compared to the shit posted on thi spage so far...fuck but here it is any way...fucked up on bar width in a couple places. and my handstyle is weak
  18. bump for crits? and they said keep my handstyle simple, so i just write. lol
  19. meh not proud of it and exhausted..they said keep em simple, and thats how i write.... my hand writing is sloppy as balls lol
  20. word, i see what u mean i think i fixed that on my current sketch
  21. which of th etwo fonts looks better though?
  22. lookin for an exhcnage, hit me up if u want to
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