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  1. bump that HAM shits always fire
  2. straight up what they gonna do call the cops? ill be gone before they get off the phone. fuck people watching
  3. You guys are killing the character scene fuckin dope.
  4. Sil do letters ignore the graffiti creator fill designs bs makes it look worse
  5. Sil come up with a name you like something you'd like being called
  6. There's a cone that rocks fr8s if I remember right
  7. but it looks good other than that
  8. how the S kicks out looks a little off try to make it the same as the E on the low point if that makes sense?
  9. diggin that awake plaid looks dope got a slight aest vibe(personal opinion no bite) that could just be me but looks dope
  10. Sil the same way you dis the last halo with the rectangles do it on th cone only way to improve also look at simple G's and lowercase E's for help
  11. halo on that A use the same bar for both parts cuz that last half is sloppy
  12. Darkeist youre better than halo and you listen so you dont suck youre learning and taking in what we all say keep going youll get better soon
  13. halo use the bar idea on all your letters then round the corners for the round letters and with your 3d make a poing on the paper and make all of the lines go to that that will clean up your 3d a bit
  14. There's a thread called hand painted signs in here I think
  15. I miss seeing all the bud staged around all the sketches lol but really this was a decent thread
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