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  1. 15 a pop ;/ with shipping included. doubt ill sell em but worth a shot. need money ;p http://tinypic.com/view.php?pic=21mgl7d&s=8#.U-UyW2O_izg
  2. that aint the og nyc lee is it?
  3. damn..i clicked on this shitty thread just to see this? ^^^^^^^^^^^^^ no offense to you mark
  4. nice thread indeed. fuck..sad 2 see only one e2e of me and homie caught here. we just did a bunch of new ones. duno why they havent been caught yet. oh well..nice mane!
  5. damn..thought you was dead son.. miss them nodak updates fa sho yo gots flickr?
  6. haha.. dicked out! the dog is my favorite part!
  7. i heard nig ceno back in town. nice. hopefully some of his shit still around once i get back from my west/nawf west tour
  8. god damn. long time since i had seen a good thread. sadly its all old shit. when graff was actually way better then it is now except for a few smh ;(
  9. wooooooooo thx for saving the day g! nice pix
  10. lols you know they are fucking with you right? do you even know what amonio and bleach would do if you mix them? lol that post was 2 funny dude just go home depot and get some of the gallons that ppl didnt buy or they messed up on they are really cheap or steal some anyways just get a lil tray pour the fill paint do your letters then just outline depending on how fat you want the outline to be just use a normal roller if not a small one. shadoobie
  11. ^^^^^^^^^ haha trying to be dl ;p
  12. naw use imageshack.us shits way easier. fuk foto fukit
  13. lols youre computer iliterate ;p jk
  14. too lazy to go hit that spot up id prolly burn errone there though
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