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  1. that's fucked up whether those were rubber bullets or not. fuck the police
  2. with his dying breath he told me "jeb, young man always remember piecing is overrated. keep it street."
  3. :scrambled: :scrambled: :scrambled:
  4. reader boanes man been gettin up in tn for a long time. shit's tight.
  5. bump smok, tier, and 42 trains. pun intended
  6. i didn't know pigs try to stick basically to only posting flicks and not being in anyones business. maybe more people are trying to write in this city awe shucks that totally sucks, right? someone post flicks
  7. yo to the mr.tv dude. if you live in atlanta like you say you do. you should be aware of the graffiti community there. you go anywhere in east atlanta or on the highways or northwest near the dome and you'll for the most part see plenty of rad pieces, throw ups, tags, art installations, street art characters, etc. atlanta pretty much has all the bases covered and i think you need to drive around and find some inspiration. cause your shit would get clowned on the streets there for sure.
  8. Oh and check the Tennessee thread might see something familiar.
  9. likin' the one with the octopus. i'd lose the teeth in the S though.
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