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  1. Duck carcass and pork neck bones for broth... half a pot of used meat and bones. I grossed people out by picking out the pork veins and throwing them at em. Finished broth, this shit stands up when it's cool. SO MUCH GELATIN. Pork tenderloin This was the broth i braised the pork tenderloin in. I got this idea from yakitori, which is japanese bbq. The sauce the brush on the chicken is actually made chicken fat, so i braised my pork tenderloin in this, then cooked it down afterwords for a delicious porky, soyey, miriny, delicious sauce, that i add to the broth for salting it.
  2. looks like a wok style pan. i use the same for all my omelettes.
  3. Came out so good. I promise to take pics. after this third bowl
  4. So its cold and im doing another broth. I got a bunch of pork neck bones so that's good. I also have a duck carcass that i only cut the breasts and legs off of, so it's gonna have a LOT to give. And of course the usual onions and accoutrements that goes in broth.. My question for my chefy friends, what kind of soup should i turn this broth into. Because by the time im done with this cook down, the duck and pork s gonna have gave all it can, and im gonna strain it all out.
  5. Whisky and Whiskey are the same thing. Whisky is just how they spell it in england. Bourbon is AMERICAN (fuck yeah) whiskey aged for any time in new charred oak barrels. SCOTCH is aged on oak barrels for at least 3 years. And generally speaking has to be made in scotland. But you can have blended scotch that is mixed with other types of whiskeys. You're welcome I know too much about stupid shit.
  6. She did the right thing, and got rewarded for it. Telling someone she got the money when clearly he didn't know she got the money, then admitted he didn't actually read the thread isn't trolling. It's informing him of the facts.
  7. so your argument has nothing to do with this situation... you just wanted to make it. Got ya
  8. Bas just tweeted that it looks like JDS vs Overreem is happening.
  9. It was a mistake i heard. THey didn't mean to release it, and it only released in europe. So my guess is no. edit: to grd
  10. Can not think of anything good that BSM would stand for food wise. If they had seafood in them you could call them Big Sexy Mussels. Hahaha
  11. Try em out for the day. But i demand you call them BSMs. Or somethng based on those letters..
  12. Dude i fully relinquish rights to that dish as long as you try it like this -Pizza dough (this means fully bloated out pizza style bread) -pancetta (im sure yall have some good pork belly) -artichoke heart (self explainatory) -solid goat cheese (from what i hear, aus will have no problem) -a good congealed broth with pork cow or chicken (all three is better) flatten out the dough.l Add all ingredients wrap up and twist as your closing the top brush with egg i put it in at 450. But bet you could fry em, or steam em
  13. I raelly want prots in here so he can tell me i didn't really invent this... But in my head i just made a crazy italian/chinese connection that kills. And i want him to put it on his menu
  14. The most complicated thing of that was the broth. And broths are easy. I always buy bones and chicken backs when i can. All you do is throw it in a pot and boil it til forever. Then you put them in the freezer. It takes time but every 5 gallon batch i do lasts a couple of months.
  15. My bad.. That's why people don't wanna post. But seriously that no look good. I made pizza tonight, but i ended up having a bit of extra dough. So i rolled it out and put pancetta, goat cheese, half an artichoke heart, and a bit of congealed pork and chicken broth (half of the ramen broth i do). Then i closed it up into a dumpling and brushed them with some egg before putting them into the oven at 425. I just invented something amazing. I can not tell you how good this was.
  16. Grey steak and yellow pus filled mashed potatoes?
  17. he posted a link to metal threads. But from three days before his 100 posts in Channel zero. Once again, the smallest amount of looking into it would of made you look less retarded. Swindle! when i see you on fb ill give you the cards to pull. Moogle, slayed the thread as usual. Happy Easter! I just made pizza.
  18. Cain vs mir happens on the same card. So it chooses who he gets AFTER this fight. Hendo is waiting for whoever wins bones vs evans or sonnen vs anderson. And now he threw his hat in for the HW title shot too. He just wants a fucking ufc belt. The #rallyformarkhunt is blowing up. But now overreem has a meeting with the nsac. So who knows whats gonna happen.
  19. Dude that holstein is stupid gorgeous. I'd live in the middle of nowhere too, if i got to play with that thing
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