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  1. Full on lying to someone when they call you out: Nonsense.
  2. I know there is a lot of chael hate. But lets look at the facts. 1. He IS the number 2 middleweight in the fucking world. 2. He is an intelligent, smart person, and he's 100% right about the Overeem thing. 3. He put an asswhooping on Silva for 4 and a half rounds, and he got caught with like a minute left to go. 4. He didn't do steroids. People want to make more out of TRT then there is, the dude has one working ball, he has a legit use for TRT and the NSAC admitted they fucked up when they rescinded their suspension
  3. Manute: Episode 9 is the big battle. But there are a couple of skirmishes. The big battle scene is episode 9 though. Called Blackwater.
  4. Today has been the first hot day of the year. We've been open for 2 hours and have done 3 kanji. And a lady bug.
  5. If i stopped eating oysters because of that one time i ate one and got laid out for a couple of days, and if i stopped eating cheese because my body doesn't process dairy and it ferments in my gut and makes me farty, and if i stopped eating cabeza because i thought face meat was gross, and if i stopped eating tongue because im tasting the thing that animals taste with, and if i stopped eating chicken feet because chickens walk on those, and then i stopped eating tuna cause it might make me sick... Then i would be eating like Swamp. And i just can't do that.
  6. "all cops are assholes" *posts story about cop doing the right thing* I don't get it.
  7. TECHNICALLY... **********W L PCT LA Dodgers 10 3 .769 San Francisco 6 6 .500 In fact at this point you're just as good as us.
  8. Two pics. One: My wings. Double fried with a butter and a hot sauce coat And the other side of that plate... The BSM dumplings, goat cheese(fetta) , pancetta, and artichoke hearts with a pork and duck broth... the broth gets sucked into bread... Simple. White. But also i fuckng kill at shit
  9. Peppers Ghost is NOT a hologram. It's what they do at Disneyland for jebus sake.
  10. Also, something i really care about. HECTOR MUTHAFUCKIN LOMBARD ONE STEP CLOSER TO GETTING IN THE UFC http://www.bloodyelbow.com/2012/4/18/2958083/ufc-hector-lombard-bellator-contract-mma-news-bjorn-rebney
  11. I loved pride wand. He was always fun to watch. But if he thinks he has ANY kind of chance against chael in a fight he's fucking retarded. He's ranked 22 for christ sake. He has 6 losses in his last 10 fights. He got KOd by leben in 25 seconds... Sonnen vs Silva might get moved to vegas. Apparently they had it scheduled the same week as the United Nations is doing a conference there and they can't find any hotel rooms. Whoops. Jones said Evens has a weak chin Chael Sonnen is still hilarious http://www.youtube.com/watch?feature=player_embedded&v=Ky38hpZapl0
  12. Girl confusing you for the wrong guy, then trying to blame you for it. NONSENSE.
  13. I don't understand how someone from the most northern city ever is so into southern shit.
  14. I just like cooking. Really i love it. And nigga you a pro. You a prostitute basically
  15. My homie on facebook was like "if this is as good as it looks then you're missing your calling"... But i can't line cook. Im not good at that stuff.
  16. I tend to save chicken and duck carcasses. Especially duck. And i always save pork neck bones if i can get ahold of em. It takes a long time but it's such an easy thing to do and broth is always good to have.
  17. I fully wrapped it after it was done cooking, and put it in the fridge. but minus the little amount of steaming it did in the fridge, there was no cooking in the frdge. and after i cooked it down all the way, cause i concentrate it, freeze it, and use it in the future... Maybe about 4 pints of broth for the pork neck duck. And a pint of the braise.
  18. I didn't cook in the foil. I wrapped it in the foil to stick in the fridge to cool down so i could cut it easier.
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