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  1. Here comes cap'n save a hoe. Aren't you married? Your wifey is gonna be pissed at your actions online man.
  2. pornbooth, ALLWHITEPEOPLELOOKTHESAME, Getoe & UMAD.GIF are in the other thread talking shit about you homey
  3. OP, the other night when me, my girl and your queen were at your house....we all thought it was pretty weird that you took a shit with the door wide open. Also, you still owe me $10.00 for..
  4. The Big Lebowski does NOT need a sequel. LoL, that's the dumbest shit I ever heard.
  5. Re: Naked Pictures of Rihanna (So Fine) poz stop harassing me yo.
  6. That's why I always buy brand name shit.
  7. This is the 2nd time I'm telling you man. STOP PM-ING ME DEATH THREATS!
  8. i was there once, let me tell you..bullshit!
  9. I can make a large monthly payment but not with all my smaller bills ... A loan shark would be a BAD idea-!!
  10. F-U, i only danced with the devil on that pale-moon night
  11. Scott La Rock died before By All Means Necessary, the Bronx has never been the same
  12. speeddater I think you sent me the wrong email attachment. The zip file only contained multiple pics of dead raccoons? Not positive what that's about though
  13. @ robotclone Confirmation # 0003939-00-289228. That's the 3rd time I'm telling you.
  14. This is why I'm glad my cousin is a lawyer.
  15. LETS HIT ACE FOR PAINT.. i found my debit card
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