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  1. What brand/model is it? That can narrow down to common problems others face. Check: feed ramp quality/construction. Magazine spring tension. Projectile type ( my WASR hates JHP but my Norinco eats them right up) Is it brand new or well used? Recoil spring may be too strong if new and needs broke in or too weak if it's old as dog shit. Could be a more serious matter like your gas port diameter, or canted/burred gas block. Or how the magazine release was riveted into the weapon, it doesnt lock at the proper level to reliably feed rounds. When it does eject properly, is the ejection strong or weak? (How far does it fling the brass)
  2. Budget is always the detail in question. Smith and Wesson or Colts are safe bets but for a pretty penny at $600+ unless it's like a 642 airweight.
  3. Never Ending Game Suburban Scum (rip) Jesus Piece. Code Orange I could go in for days.
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