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  1. Everybody is pussy compared to Australia though. You people get to fight back against the police, and you have a public healthcare system to ensure that even the brokest bloke will survive to see the cops get punished in court for starting the fight in the first place. I wish to god that I could move my family to Australia. Props to Australia.
  2. If it was any republican presidency, he woulda been at least arrested. If it was Bush, he woulda been sent to Guantanamo never to be heard from for at least a decade or so before you heard some story about him being a wannabe terrorist. We actually live in a "kinder gentler" America now.
  3. I thought you Libertarians were anti IRS? Shouldn't you be boycotting this type of shit? Oh that's right, you're actually just down low republicans pretending to be anarchists. Carry on then.
  4. Re: I shit my pants today. Also I haven't shit my pants since I was like 3 or 4 years old. And I drink 15+ beers a night, and more at parties. Some of you people have some real issues on your hands.
  5. Re: I shit my pants today. Actually, that's more of a lesson learned on deliberately farting infront of your wife. Real men don't do that, and real men would be sickened if their wives did that infront of them. All these idiots who talk about farting and shitting infront of their wives/husbands somehow making them closer are fucking morons.
  6. It actually is. If you disagree, then don't snitch yourself out by posting your own graffiti. As if you even write graffiti. Go paint some shit in your backyard and show how better you are than me at what I do. Don't write your real name, write "Level 75". Don't do a piece, do a straightletter. That's what you're battling me on, right. And if you take more than a day to come up with this, we'll all know that you payed somebody to do it for you. Now get to it, bar bouncer boy.
  7. Real talk though, I would be all about this if it wasn't for the fact that they ruin your first jump with some dude spooning you. I mean, I could deal with a chick spooning me. Even if it was an ugly chick, it's still not a dude. Nigga you got spooned by a dude.
  8. Yo, just for the record, since these dry snitching faggots seem to think that it's funny putting me on blast and all. Maybe they should be a little more accurate. Instead of making a meme out of some shit that I did forever ago in broad daylight (street level at that) blasted off a few Hurricanes, maybe these clowns could just be real about it and clown me for some real shit. But I know how it goes, they UMAD as fuck at me verbally slaying them on here, so we all know that that will never happen. So I guess I gotta do this myself for those of you who really don't know. I don't piece. At all. I don't hate on piecing, it's just not in my wireing. I catch tags and rock fillins. And occasionally I'll do a straightletter here and there. That's just what I do. And I been doing it for a minute now, and will probably still be doing it to one extent or another when I'm 80 years old. So go ahead and pick on the fact that I don't do pieces. Go ahead and hate on the fact that another one of my past-times is verbally slaying random anonymous people over the internet. But if you're going to hate on my graffiti, at least know who I really am. And know that if I really was that Italian nigga who shot some dude in a movie theater , that I'd probably be bragging about it. But anybody who knows me knows that I'm Irish, and not that Italian ass nigga who some of you's still to this day want to think that I am. But feel free to keep believing that that's me though. That only gives me even more rep. :lol:
  9. ^Even this nigga admits it AAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAAHHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  10. Search my posts on every name I've ever had on here and post quote links to every single time I've ever typed "would of" outside of this thread. Then do the same for every time I ever typed "would've" or "would have". Who knows... you might actually find me typing "would of" a couple times for all I know being as that's how we actually speak in the land that created America. Now get to it.
  11. ^You see... this nigga fucks trannies and even he made a valid argument. A more valid argument than anybody who at one point or another in this past decade lived in squat houses and vacant lots could possibly make anyways. Not hating, just saying.
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