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  1. violence is the only way to solve conflict
  2. net seriously pops up everywhere ha
  3. hahahaha was thinking that too.. no homo
  4. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jb6ibiJg4kw funniest shit on youtube hands down..
  5. swimming in an ocean of coke call me the blowfish :lol:
  6. neo10 by Zomboider, on Flickr ja ...ny by iLL Jughead, on Flickr JA x Neo by Now It's Real!, on Flickr Grok and Neo by mikeion, on Flickr
  7. hec re 357 graffiti nyc by streetscene, on Flickr hec nose les by my mind is goo, on Flickr could only find 2 pics of the man rip
  8. honestly how retarded can you possibly be? (referring to the cop)
  9. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3H-wXtkPE9Q
  10. Nov York Pane by krispy212, on Flickr
  11. keooo Repo Jaes Keo by break.things, on Flickr Untitled by break.things, on Flickr This made my day. by break.things, on Flickr KEO:SANTA CHRONOS -CLOCK by Crewest, on Flickr IMG_8383 by Crewest, on Flickr IMG_8435 by Crewest, on Flickr Keo TC5 by The Egg Man, on Flickr Keo TC5 by The Egg Man, on Flickr
  12. bump this and all the other comebacks.. dope
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