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  1. WTF bro delete that shit thats not even funny^
  2. haha i wouldnt drop it even if i knew it
  3. ^is that who i think it is? dont wanna dry snitch (@ the girl on the couch)
  4. >>>>>>>>>>>>> freehert.org <<<<<<<<<<<<<<
  5. as funny as that sounds, i never really noticed until now that utah is almost always ahead of ether.. good observation utahethersmurfs by "Slumdog Millionaire", on Flickr
  6. armored


    that brian peppers shit got me laughing everytime hahaha
  7. "an addiction that doesn't show up in my urine" dude is the truth!
  8. ^that madlib beat goes http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=84wqEfhmDzc
  9. San Juan PR 11 by SUPER-SCANO, on Flickr Gurabo PR 11 by SUPER-SCANO, on Flickr scanixon stay in school 2010-2011 by SUPER-SCANO, on Flickr concrete by SUPER-SCANO, on Flickr
  10. armored


    that scarface & product song is the wave damn bump all the ra tracks too
  11. Pear - Sumoe by mightyquinninwky©™, on Flickr 1MG_3454 by eshutt, on Flickr NSF by spaghetti??, on Flickr 467664314_u32re-XL by faux.real, on Flickr Pear by eshutt, on Flickr spase, nepal, moe, keys, pear, geof, by Boats & Hoes!, on Flickr C&O Canal (DC) Graffiti Reflected by 7194KK, on Flickr Pears by Psyk_e, on Flickr Pear Adams Morgan by WashDCStreet2, on Flickr
  12. CURVE x HERT x PEAR by i_follow, on Flickr
  13. armored

    obey fail

    Posters are not graffiti. Sorry Mr. Fairey, but posters are for fairies.. Obey this dick.
  14. ..posted in the "RETARDED SPOTS" thread. my dude how you gonna think those are retarded spots?!
  15. dopee SPOT.DEK... KMS.2DX... by SPOT.KMS...NYC, on Flickr SPOT,SPOT by SPOT.KMS...NYC, on Flickr SPOT... by SPOT.KMS...NYC, on Flickr TCK,SPOT,SPOT... by SPOT.KMS...NYC, on Flickr
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