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  1. Age is very important to evaluate this situation. If you're 21 and she's like 45 no big deal at all. If she's like 65, and you're 21, now that could be interesting.
  2. http://thejuicyj.com/scholarship/v/219/ My fav:)
  3. Re: and fuck janine vuckovich or whatever that lamesake is :scrambled: :scrambled: I can't see nothing
  4. "They were always kinda clowned while i was coming up, but if you are interesting in saving your nose, throat, lungs, and kidneys i would like to make sure you do it right." God damn, only graffiti writers and rap artists would clown on something that promotes safety and health
  5. Good stuff. i would suggest putting the flicks and the zine cover on flickr and try to sell it there, you'll get more bites
  6. It was good but dense, he goes into details of the Spanish civil war that i wasn't aware of.
  7. Just finished the first two, about to start the guns, germs... one.
  8. I called and he didn't answer so I left a message. " Hey fred It's raining men over here, hurry up and get over here so you can hold me, then i proceeded to sing out keep it rolling rolling roling rolling. No call back yet
  9. I looked at dudes facebook, dude seems like a weird little cocksucker
  10. Disregard gay video that goes along with it, it's the best I could find http://youtu.be/OCYpXJurNJY
  11. USERS CURRENTLY VIEWING THIS THREAD: 77 (28 members and 49 guests) TugboatTimmy , ARTFIENDS , dumbnuts , Big Bawce da Tycoon , BANANERS , Three-HundredThirty-Three , dope1 , scumbard , DUMBDONALD , icecreamboy , Buck Williams , blandpeas , slappy grind , source123 , imdacity , WOLFMANJACK , TWINsister , krushenallchumps , ThePDXkid , LooseJoosejones , biff jenkins , TOASTER831 , THEVANDALISINGKID Bammmmm
  12. so oon point every time i would see that commercial i would think thats that nigga jugzer:lol:
  13. I'm guessing there is a decent amount of box cars there
  14. Weird, I think this season's been pretty epic. First two episodes especially and the latest was pretty hilarious, I watched it twice.
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