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  1. Mos-One

    The Bible

    Damn Freak That Predator Shit Is Fire. Lml Well Here I Go. Critz Appreciated. http://i75.photobucket.com/albums/xx213/YungZy/Mobile%20Uploads/1283896206.jpg[/img
  2. Hey Everybody. Heres A Lil Sumthin I Did. Still Pretty Toy But I Think Im Betta Than The Last Time Yall Saw Me. Crits appreciated.
  3. Bump Dat Fuckin Handstyle. On Dat Enor. Shit is Fyre.
  4. The Reason I Made The Lines So Dark Is Bcuz It Doesn't Show Up In The Picture If I Don't. The Camera On My Kick Is Shitty. And My Fault Tmoney Didn't Kno It Was Yhu.
  5. Lolzx Here's My First Draft For the Enor Battle Gonna Make It Look Better By The Due Date.
  6. There's already a Doe2 From Queens and He's On This Site Too
  7. Scoe's Right Though. I Can't Hold That Straight Line. Every Time I Try My Hardest Not To Fuck It Up Is When I Fuck It Up The Most. I Don't Get It Bcuz My Can Control Aint The Best But Its Pretty Gud.
  8. I Think Ill Try My First Battle. Sumbody Pick A Word. And Deprresed Kid I Saw Your Piece It Wasn't Bad and about it Lookin Toy. This Is The TOY Battle Thread. Why Yhu Think I'm Here
  9. Freak told Me I Should Space Out My Simples 4 Now. And Get My Proportions Right.
  10. A Throwie and a Simple. I Think this is my first legit simple even though I fuck up the C a Lil Bit. Critz Plz.
  11. Damn Skippy Dis Niggas A Cop. First of all, He Woudnt Keep Tellin Scoer Dat His Graff Sukz. Nigga Woulda Told Him Dat He Was Toy. Second Of All He's Inquiring about Omen Being in the Tunnels. Hopin Dat Omen Will Say Oh Yea I'm In Tunnels. But Sorry Pig We Aint Stupid. "Laughing at Cop"
  12. Mos-One


    Some Good NY Hands. Excuse the Throwie.
  13. Just a Simple . I Kno The C Doesn't Go wit The Other Letters But I Can't See How To Make It Fit and The C Still Be Simple
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