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Everything posted by dobriy

  1. ^ is the best white paint marker ive found so far for this
  2. dobriy

    Wash DC

    on the other side of that wall there is a side walk but fuck excuses
  3. dobriy

    Wash DC

    yo sape if you're on here get at me
  4. old school 301, stolen
  5. dobriy

    Wash DC

    i took that picture back in December if that changes anything
  6. there is an eon and a sime from dc. i suggest you guys change your names. especially sime http://www.flickr.com/photos/washdcgraff/3072018268/) http://www.flickr.com/photos/52597302@N04/4861106712/
  7. dobriy

    Wash DC

    you mean the 20 seconds he was in the movie?
  8. someone post some more demon 202 / dot com stuff
  9. dobriy

    Wash DC

    stolen (sorry i dont know how to resize)
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