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total trash

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  1. i just scrolled through the last few pages and i think i saw like 3 delaware heads if that.
  2. detroit probably has the best graffiti in the country at the moment, keep it up ya'll. Its hilarious how evident it is that cops just don't give 2 fucks
  3. :lol: :lol: :lol: :lol: war2-the most delusional writer in the game, i can't believe this dude still has shit living
  4. faim over sojourner truth, damn thats fucked up, especially during black history month
  5. reker def got style, but his wickets are garbagio
  6. damn potato got style, i had no idea ahaha
  7. that cam is so clean n simple
  8. i got it at home shit is priceless.
  9. shut the fuck up god damn, ps i'm the dude that works at the bike shop, if you wanna come through thats fine with me
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