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  1. no on 19 co sign. giaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaants.
  2. yeah fuck phillies....their team and them cigarillos.
  3. fuck yeah fuck the phillies!!!! their baseball team and their cigarillos.
  4. i took a piss next to a cutty ass buter icp tag in nyc. he's certified bay wid it. seent like 30 little asians dudes mop up one little asian dude in times square. i was singin everybody is kung fu fighting but nobody laughed except me. seen the same thing happen on broadway in the city...a little asian dude sang along with me. goodtimes.
  5. haven't seen this thread in weeks. i dig how chez has been rockin the simples that still kill most cats. awoke isn't from bulgaria....that cat was just sold to them via the human trade market. aright not sold. bartered. for stock caps and and a game gear.
  6. US never stopped. bump the future.
  7. this shit went to the second page and that button is just too far for me. had me chillin in non-bay threads. 925 pics might got a few other cities on style points...based purely on 12oz. but still....it would suck to live in the midwest. tho footmissions in the snow seem like fun. dress up in some fuckin russian spy snow gear with the little baby seal hats. im with that. bump holy for bringin it back to the front.
  8. that betray aint bad but the handstyle is hurt yo. bump clit.
  9. bump that 5 day statement. for real tho....i believe em B.
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