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  1. PM Terrir... I've routed like 10 miles with him before he knows PGH like nobody else.
  2. these people don't seem to understand the OP
  3. been lurking for a few pages and I've got to say YOKAI is progressing awesomely. love some of those straights. keep at it my man.
  4. good to see terrir gettin up again.
  5. somebody called me spiderman the other day cause of my glasses, figured i'd write it out, see how it looks, diggin it. parker.
  6. dope username, stay posi. that's how i got my name, actually. internet alias was always positive *name*
  7. party was cool but I didn't know anybody. I think I was the only son of a bitch from the illy philly there. Lots of hipsters.
  8. goes without sayin! if anyone can help shoot me a PM
  9. i ain't mad anymore, ganggreen.com messageboards helped me cope with it. i'll be over to the burgh on saturday, i heard some hert benefit is going down, would like to know where this is so I can give what I can.
  10. i'm a chomsky fan as well, and an IWW member. I dig on sports though, wish it was different of course.
  11. true. but man, with the season the flyers are having righit now, and how the phils look on paper. my world of sports is gonna rule!!!!
  12. shoulda been the jets, woulda gave the packers a run for their money. gotta hate when good teams choke and the lesser team gets the gig!
  13. gotta love the officiating in that game, game was ours. enjoy being let into the superbowl. aaron rodgers gonna make a fool out of yous.
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