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  1. Eat a dick. If someones stupid enough to fuck with mine, than everyone ive ever had problems with will get it. Niggas know how I roll. Did it once already got nuttin to prove. Actually I know of a recent production spot put together awhile back that I can have swept in 10 mins. Any takers??
  2. And another one bites the dust To Be continued.....
  3. actually you should stop already.with your wack ass. just sayin, out of all people.
  4. ^ best shit ever said props given..But yeah everyone chill. post pics. this thread is weak.
  5. Do good graffiti then post pics
  6. just sayin, but who cares who paints more, that dont mean shit anyways other than you paint more. hell I wish I painted more than I do, and im still burning more than half of yall especially the ones talkin. i could take a fuckin year off.but most of us have more than just graf to rely on anyways and whats sad is those of you that only have graf and have been painting for years and are still crap.
  7. Freshysnap comes through with some of the best flicks, handsdown
  8. Now that's letter structure. Shits killing most of yall
  9. that Ender is fresh I must say
  10. laughing my ass off at that Neid, and that last too buk piece looks like some fucking coach roach legs, dude has the worst letter structure in the game.
  11. neid dont try to clarify on what and how shit should be done your still a new jack, and your not even good for that matter. and especially when your in a spot you shuldn;t be in. But it would have been clean swept most likely if there was enough paint to do so. Normally when someone is just scoping out their spot with no intentions to actually get down, than they may have a only a few cans on them. plus it looks better knowing who's under it anyways, makes a statement especially when yall wanna claim spots like yall really run shit when you dont.
  12. and youll get gone over. stay outta the nati.keep that toy shit in your bum ass spots that you "try' to regulate. you expect that same thing, so aint no difference.
  13. especially when they hit them in spots they aint supposed to be. :lol:
  14. like you and your homies aint either or at least try to be anyways :rolleyes:
  15. this is what happens when everyone wants Tropicanas. "The Authority"
  16. Lol @ hels. Changed his name and still sux. I thought he'd done gave up by now.
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