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  1. clayton_bigsby


    Eat a dick. If someones stupid enough to fuck with mine, than everyone ive ever had problems with will get it. Niggas know how I roll. Did it once already got nuttin to prove. Actually I know of a recent production spot put together awhile back that I can have swept in 10 mins. Any takers??
  2. clayton_bigsby


    your graffiti sucks.:lol:
  3. clayton_bigsby


    And another one bites the dust To Be continued.....
  4. clayton_bigsby

    short but aint nothin sweet

    task blink akae dark
  5. clayton_bigsby


    actually you should stop already.with your wack ass. just sayin, out of all people.
  6. clayton_bigsby


    toys will be toys
  7. clayton_bigsby

    hydro hydra

    great shots
  8. clayton_bigsby


  9. clayton_bigsby


    ^ best shit ever said props given..But yeah everyone chill. post pics. this thread is weak.
  10. clayton_bigsby


  11. clayton_bigsby


    Do good graffiti then post pics
  12. clayton_bigsby


    just sayin, but who cares who paints more, that dont mean shit anyways other than you paint more. hell I wish I painted more than I do, and im still burning more than half of yall especially the ones talkin. i could take a fuckin year off.but most of us have more than just graf to rely on anyways and whats sad is those of you that only have graf and have been painting for years and are still crap.
  13. clayton_bigsby

    I brake for trains

    Grek Terms
  14. great thread couple of old Whens Freak Rei that Kems
  15. clayton_bigsby

    FRESHYSNAPPER: Summer in the midwest

    Freshysnap comes through with some of the best flicks, handsdown