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  1. FestoKGB


    Is it better to be gay together or gay apart? Just asking...
  2. From http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/blogs/citydesk/2011/04/29/neighborhood-news-roundup-d-a-r-e-edition/
  3. Not DC related but... And in other news; Revok was just given 180 days in jail. From the article about his arrest Prosecutors may consider filing felony charges based on the evidence discovered during his arrest.
  4. http://voices.washingtonpost.com/daily-gripe/2011/03/second-floor_graffiti_scrawled.html
  5. My man, you don't have to reply to everything. It's cool to let some things go...
  6. The REAL Nero...none of ya'll will ever be as gangster as him so don't even try! :D
  7. http://www.tbd.com/articles/2011/04/gang-graffiti-on-the-rise-in-d-c--58766.html Beks and Nero must be major gangsters in DC...
  8. dusty street level fills always work!
  9. FestoKGB


    Is that a Jase BA throwy I spy in the Montana factory? :huh2: Source
  10. Hmmm... 15 guests in this thread... interesting...
  11. DID YOU KNOW? DPW fights graffiti in the District FOUR ways? If there is graffiti on your property, call 311 to request a waiver to have the graffiti removed. The waiver is important because it gives the city the authority to remove the graffiti. Graffiti removal typically occurs within 10 days of making the requests. Graffiti teams also drive throughout the city to record instances of graffiti and abate where possible. DPW provides residential and business property owners with two free options to remove graffiti themselves? The Graffiti Removal Voucher Program issues a voucher to property owners that may be redeemed at several local paint stores. Call 311 to obtain a voucher. The paint store will match the color of the paint of the property. The voucher will provide property owners with paint, primer, a brush, roller pan, drop cloth and graffiti scrubs free of charge! DPW also provides free graffiti removal kits to property owners. The non-toxic, 100% biodegradable solvent, which can be requested and delivered to the owner’s residence or business by calling 311, can be applied and sprayed off with a garden hose. Property owners can receive two different types of graffiti removal solvents—one for bare brick and masonry and a separate formula for sensitive surfaces. The solvents, which meet US Environmental Protection Agency standards, do not contain phosphates, chlorinated hydrocarbons, Xylene or any other products known to cause health or disposal problems.
  12. You guys are really scaring the community. Shame on you!
  13. Stamp getting shine on the DPW live chat;
  14. The citizenry is fixin to rally the troops to combat all you graffiti vandals. DPW To Hold Online Chat To Discuss Graffiti Today
  15. http://www.worldstarhiphop.com/videos/video.php?v=wshhA6a3882N4WH96tQy
  16. Yo, I aint know Moe looked like Willie D from Boogie Down Productions...that's wavy...
  17. Dag, that kid 5360 just went right over dude's piece! Simple fills aint supposed to go over a burner...don't he know the rules!
  18. The kid Mars KGB doing work. Good stuff! Bookmarked! Winner! "My Nom De Plume is my Nom De Plume!"
  19. Yeah, you right! I think it's Case 2 the extra-telles! He must have his prosthetic arm in for the show.
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