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  1. I don't know you but a friendly word of advice. If you really don't care you don't need to keep telling folks you don't care. If it really doesn't bother you at all you would keep it moving and "do you" as you say. If you are really putting in work on the streets then that work will speak for you. If you stop being sensitive and read between the lines my man Cast is really helping you. Follow his lead and put in that proper work then you don't have to worry about barking at dudes on the internet.
  2. Pretty good read from the City Paper ---------------------------- Tagging Rights Have the nonprofits, art galleries, and party planners who fete D.C.'s graffiti scene also tamed it? http://www.washingtoncitypaper.com/articles/41451/dc-tagging-rights/full/
  3. I didn't know Jim Carey was repping FFC. His boxing skills must be on point!
  4. Watched this on Youtube the other day. Pretty good documentary. It was wild to see how British authorities were actively protecting Banksy pieces while buffing other graf work. Someone dissed a Banksy piece and the British authorities fixed the piece and then covered it with a sheet of plexi to protect if from future damage. It also showed the buff crew cleaning a couple of fill-ins while a "street art" piece right above it was going untouched.
  5. Man, OSO wasn't supposed to say anything to anyone about that! I'm dismayed... :o
  6. Do you talk like that in real life or is that just an internet thing?
  7. Mar5 with that Arial handstyle!
  8. Indeed but if you roll around DC those are the names you are likely to see without having to search for obscure, out-the-way spots. The average citizen traveling around has likely seen most, if not all of those names strictly from street level. Those kids bomb.
  9. I spy with my little eye @ 1:34... Cool as a cucumber.. http://vimeo.com/26599884
  10. http://www.fablabdc.org/
  11. The style looks like Jurne doing one of his backwards deals.
  12. http://hamptonroads.com/2011/07/norfolk-building-covered-graffitistyle-art-be-painted
  13. Dude reps STD crew right? Them kids are vicious. Once they take over a spot, it's a wrap...
  14. Just driving around the other day
  15. I literally LOL'd at that! No diss to those with autism...just a funny turn of phrase.
  16. I don't think there was anything "wrong" with rustos and stock caps at all. Just like there was nothing wrong with 12inch black and white televisions or rotary dial phones. It's just advancements in technology and manufacturing. These advancements enhance the end-user experience.
  17. As I read that police statement again what jumps out at me is the sentence; "We now know the identity of a person responsible for the recent out-break in graffiti in PSA 501 and will continue our efforts." One could read that as saying that whoever they arrested has given them the identity of someone else they are looking for. If the person they arrested was the "person responsible" then they would likely have said "We now have in custody the person responsible, blah blah blah". Or something like that. Keep your circle tight...
  18. Posted at the MPD-5D list: Good day, The officers assigned to the Summer Increased Community Enforcement (ICE) Initiative made a graffiti arrest last night! The officers were able to successfully apprehend the suspect with his backpack full of supplies. We now know the identity of a person responsible for the recent out-break in graffiti in PSA 501 and will continue our efforts. ARREST Arrest # 051123178 Charge: Defacing / Possession Marijuana Time: 2255 Def: **REDACTED BY ME** DOB: **REDACTED BY ME** LOC: 1545 NJ Ave N.W. A/O: Ofc. Paige Unit: ICE 21
  19. Nice Gator/Moe rail bridge spotted this weekend. Props to those kids. I was moving fast so no flick.
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