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  1. If making dude's get emotional is his chosen endeavor, then acme is living up to his name.
  2. DAH ONE on Handselecta
  3. Teaching in it's broadest sense is just imparting information that the one being taught did not previously have. In that context, the idea that a rapper could teach you something is far from dumb. They could teach someone about regional customs and colloquial language. A rapper of a different religion might be able to teach you something about their belief system. A politically or socially active rapper may be able to teach you something about the issues that are important to them. Whether you regard this information as valuable is another argument altogether. That is totally subjective. What's valuable to you might have zero relevance to me. What cannot be argued, in my opinion, is that the far more ignorant position is to assume that one is incapable of teaching you anything simply because they are an entertainer of some sort.
  4. FestoKGB


    But who was The First Noel? Get it? Firs Noel...like the song.... ahhh forget it!
  5. That Tale is still fresh.
  6. One doesn't pronounce Kuthes' name. One just admires the style and moves on.
  7. Say what you want about SMK, and I don't necessarily agree with the way he carries it on here sometimes, but when he does talk reckless you know who's doing the talking. There are only a few guys on here that post under their own well-known name and he's one of them. If he's saying something about you, you know who's doing the talking and you know who to approach if you have an issue and want to address it. Whether it's on the wall or in person. It's real easy to talk slick about someone when there is little chance you will be held accountable for your words. I'm not saying that SMK is going to physically threaten anyone or that anyone has something to fear from him. But I will always respect guys who, if they're going to talk slick, put their name to their words.
  8. from the Zephyr thread...just cuz it's dope.
  9. FestoKGB


    Know Stays Winning!
  10. https://www.facebook.com/pages/DMV-Slang-Wholetime-you-mean-bait-joanin-face-ass-furred-ect/305411515571
  11. What exactly were you hoping to accomplish by making these your first 3 posts in this forum? If your intent is to reclaim your spots why go on a forum to *warn* guys about it? If that's what you plan to do, go ahead and do it. You'll get all the attention you're looking for. Secondly, what's the purpose in mentioning other writers? If you have a problem with any of the names you dropped why not just step to those dudes and speak your mind? I'm sure you could easily find any of them if you're looking to speak on them. You seem shocked that guys didn't immediately acknowledge and give props for what you say are your past accomplishments. Back in the day, if some random dude approached you claiming to be so-and-so and having done this-and-that, how would you respond? If you are who you claim to be and do what you say you'll do, then you won't have to come on the internet trying to prove it. Peace.
  12. The ol' broken scanner problem? Take a picture of the photo with your camera phone (everyone has one these days, right?) and then upload that image. Problem solved and you don't have to dig that old Logitech scanner out of your parent's garage.
  13. FestoKGB


    I caught a random Know tag in Silver Spring. Kid gets around I see.
  14. FYI. People here are not going to give out information on spots. If you don't know, or know someone who knows then you have to go out on your own and find them. Also, asking for suggestions on spots to "go bombing" is not really the move. Just trying to help you out here. Others on here might not be so gentle.
  15. I've seen pics on 12oz of guys hitting up sleeping homeless people and that's cool but dudes get mad behind someone tagging a dead animal? :huh2:
  16. I knew once that kid starting getting ups he would get a big head!
  17. It's Saul Goode my dude.
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