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  1. Passed through the District today and saw plenty of Gong and Kasr. Good stuff!
  2. Done STM makes the Throwie Thursday highlight... http://www.12ozprophet.com/news/graffiti-throwie-thursday-done-stm/
  3. phone camera stinks in low light...
  4. Bump that old Svev throw
  5. The Legend of Cool "Disco" Dan trailer- Saturday February 23 AFI Silver Theater
  6. This kid's style reminds me of someone...
  7. Ya'll youngins don't be knowin!
  8. Not just illegal, but VERY illegal.
  9. Dudes are killing Detroit now. It's like the authorities have declared graff to be a low priority. Dudes are hitting full pieces right next to the road, no problem. When I was there in the summer I'm driving past stuff thinking "That's gotta be a legal spot." In other news; I caught Moe and Stamp on an AMD tank car in South Carolina this weekend. I couldn't get my camera up in time to flick it.
  10. FestoKGB


    Stolen from the instagrams
  11. My Foams match my outfit...that's a undastatement.
  12. Stolen from Detroit thread
  13. Dude must be a regular. I just caught it today.
  14. Is Red Line Graffiti More Than Just Vandalism? http://www.wtop.com/41/2901134/Red-Line-graffiti-Art-or-vandalism
  15. FestoKGB


  16. How is that a bite? One Vader only has 8 fingers and the other has 10. It's in the rule book; different # of fingers = no bite.
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