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  1. indeed shadows are not white, but the added effect of a drop shadow can be any color, so where i see your point i think your wrong. doesnt matter the color. for the 3d i think that it is just a way people think is cool and trendy. even though it has no one perspective to it or and parallel directional i see it as a more or a new effect per say and less of an illusion to make the piece appear 3d. the way i see it, the applied 3d to each individual bar is a complimentary angle to said bar. for example taste fua att recently did a piece for a competition i think demonstrates this.
  2. ive never seen really old rime. shit goes hard
  3. post more porab! i swear in the latter years he got the bomb down to perfection.
  4. damn yall fools are killin shit good shit. bumo womp, they came through the d and hit some hood ass spots. is womp from nc?
  5. check out my photobucket, if anyones down for an exchange pm a brotha http://s1108.photobucket.com/albums/h411/spawn-of-sham/
  6. colors no diss man but id think about a diff name. unless ur the writer who came through the d whatup doe lol. but its kinda one of those names that 10 other ppl will have. anywho the overall letters look alright, nothing special. but the e looks big and the d looks squished
  7. i need a better flick of that red one..
  8. whatup, i was wondering if i could get some feedback on my shit from you FUA cats. i love your crazy styles. i made this style up before i had seen anything by you guys so im just trying to get this style to progress. it may be a toy move for asking but i say fuck it. http://i1108.photobucket.com/albums/h411/spawn-of-sham/imagejpeg_9.jpg thanks for any words on my stuff
  9. expect some love from the d and iowa. mad stickers and pages to come bet
  10. rebel holy fuck kid!!! your shit got mad fresh since ive seen it last. that green piece on the bridge i think. but damn kid, i like your throw more than mine
  11. bump shewz and progressing! dude was fresh when i first saw him like last year? awesome to see where people came from. and bump that pink deth piece. one of the hardest styles right there. whats it say? lol
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