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  1. this site is actully a huge waste of time. for somone els to create a blesu account is sad and makes you all look like fools this site has absolutly nothing to do with graffiti its just a little forum so people can get pumped up and fell big. who fucking cares in blesu puts two lines threw an s its hardly werth the bullshit number of pages and accounts generated and i realise this will just start more bullshit but hopfully u will see how pathetic this site has gotten.


    and dats da truth. wid some cheeeeze on it

  2. :lol: Im suprised you feel the need to bring this up on a graffiti forum. Bro, just because i hit you in the face doesn't mean you have to make up stories. If i remember correctly it was you who had your friends try and wrestle me away and you who thought it was ridiculous that i didnt know who you were in the first place. I was happy to keep it to ourselves but if you are going to fill whoever reads this forum in on it, it was only you who got hit, you who got blooded and you who threw the most punches, no one else.


    If you want to continue this discussion PM me and i will happily ignore.


    PM me the full story please.

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