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  1. Agreed, nice pics brap!
  2. Over Chino? Fuck, just wrong son
  3. Yo cuz ain't looking to argue but you ain't making much sense. Shit on the next man for talking shit but do the same fucking thing. If your hate runs that deep break out the steel son not a keyboard, Keeps your beefs in the streets where it belongs, I want to see pics of mtl graf I love this city cause drama is at a minimum . Respect for the damage you have done here Steez, I have visited this city for a long time and now live the last couple year and I respect the real. No need to fuss though probably have more luck runnin into sake in the NY thread
  4. Zek is one cool ass frenchman. Seen
  5. Kwest Norm Stare no fuckin about.
  6. 10 years out the game. moved to mtl 2 year ago,this type a shit got me out tearing shit up again. old man styleee
  7. The Legend much love from the 416.
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