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  1. Remember that one song on I Got Next with geetars??? THAT. :clown3:
  2. My name aint orange yet...:rolleyes:
  3. Nothing but mods post in here these days. Can I be one too?
  4. I still rock Stussy, Maui & Sons, and Quicksilver...If I could find some Jimmy Z shit I'd rock that too.
  5. What happened here? We had this thing rolling for about a week...
  6. My cheap ass replacement phone has a pretty cool photo editor...
  7. That's to let you know I'm having things over hurr...:lol: For real though I got 5 dollar bills in the mail from Nielsin to rate tv shows and 2 of those were on the table when I took the pic so I threw them in there.
  8. So was I. How bout the word GROCERY or GROCERIES???
  9. I can do some tall shit but not a true Philly hand...At least that's what cat's from Philly tell me, cause ya know only cats from Philly can write like that. :lol:
  10. I agree this is a handstyle battle and the entries should have style I've said it over and over in this thread. That being said I don't like Pumps Turkey entry it looks rushed and the letters overlap to the point that I can barely make them out and if you can show me where the Y is I'd appreciate it. I'm not hating on Pump by any means cause I know he can write. I personally don't like this one though.
  11. Look at each letter individually. All I see is a jumbled mess and I know he can write better that.
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