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Everything posted by JABARI DANIELS

  1. Keep to your abstract art canvas"s real "hip hop graffiti"
  2. by fuck off i ment fuckoff all you "legal" writers who haven't hit an illegal spot in years or isnt planning on it but still brag to your friends that your the "all city kings" that goes for any mods on this site... wheres the new shit,, do it....post it...or do your fucking job as a mod and keep this site straight. dont choose sides and let petty shit go and ban real writers and keep the quiet ones around who just instigate .
  3. everyone on here is gay.. bump pbj they have a wide crew who hits every aspect trains,throwups,pieces,straights anything. so post your gay airmaxes your mom found at khols because i bet pbj is gona post 299 pics of better shoes with sexier naked girls.. you cant win. just drop it.. this thread is lame. a bunch of washed up writers joining this forum trying to make a comeback without touching a wall surface... fuckoff..
  4. shits pretty dope eches idip zew hoer
  5. ive seen 3 things in this thread with 2011 next to it. that tells you something
  6. acet jasf kayo ender whatupdoeeeeeeeeeeee
  7. Im just gona shut my mouth.
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