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  1. 666th POST ...No need to post Ever again.
  2. I personally like the Gimp mask handy
  3. Nonsense. Trying to look at this thread with someone near you. FUCKING SO ANNOYING> "What was that?" "Go back up" "what was that" "where is that" "what is this" Go back up go back up? what was that?
  4. who the fuck are you! who the fuck are YOu! I feel ten feet tall right now, and strong as an ox
  5. if i didnt know the new word i wouldnt have a fricken clue as to what that says ^
  6. While Instagram is up for discussion id just like to say that when you cover ur face in all ur photos but then post your girlfriends ig name, all i do is go to her page and Poof 98.9% of the time, Day he go. Facials. think about it.
  7. I wish death upon both them motherfuckers. FUCKING FAGGOTS
  8. id eat a mile of your shit just to see where it came from
  9. freshly buffed wall fill red outline
  10. "Detroit Graffiti" Thread Never Lets Me Down, Strong Page. RIP NEKST
  11. This really gonna go down again? For cerial? Retard
  12. @Kultura R's cool man but that's about all you got going for you there, as for shitting in some monks cereal i think they'll be fine... Less arts school homie. You do that tag with a different marker id look stupid. and there is a reason for that....
  13. To art school, feel as though it lacks personality, or "pizazz" if you will
  14. Havent posted in months, couple gems on here... http://www.photoshoptroll.com
  15. Last Page almost all old shit, Wheres some Philly convention photos at!
  16. Bitches Kiss'n Grease ^ Ive almost seen it all.
  17. with that orig blow out steez ^
  18. Yeah, the only constant on here has been about a minimum of 20-30 guest, some times over 40... Thus being over this. To bad to,
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