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  1. sj isn't terrible to bomb it's got certain areas you can rock but only so many considering the landscape of the city, way too many residential areas i seen a few writers rock roofs in dtown like they were bombing sf, runners too, motherfuckers just need the drive to go out of their way to rock something other than a freeway spot but your sure right about the fact that it's never going back to the way it was in the 90's not because its impossible but because 12 oz fame is too easy, imagine how many people would be totally unheard of if it weren't for this forum like if people needed to physical
  2. sj is like a ghost town now HELLA toys coming out though like fresh ass just picked up a can a week ago toys, everyone got scared by the task and quit or just moved on to new turf, it's be fresh to see a big ass comeback though group effort crush by all the hitters...the few that exist
  3. you must posses some truly major mental disabilities, i think mommy and daddy didn't give you enough attention while you were younger so your trying to make up for it by doing graffiti in the first place which on one level or another is understandable but your going at it all wrong yeah you can go and diss a bunch of people for no reason and yeah you will definitley acquire a decent amount of fame off of that because what your doing is devaluing that person's reputation and consuming the left overs but when you take it to such an extreme level and so early in the game and act like you don't ca
  4. over medik really? youve been in the game 5 mins?
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