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  1. walked down boronda road and saw some BELOE and some other name i dont remember and some CFA taggs. are they the real shit or just some little kids?
  2. does anyone recognize this? its been on the truck since 08. flicked it the other day when i was walking
  3. was this over the sour that was there?
  4. whats the difference between elite, senior, unstoppable, and veteran? and whats with the tic tacs? what are they for?
  5. thinking what im gonna say tomorrow in court...
  6. bump BUKET TKO on the telemundo news
  7. gang n. definition. 1. A group of criminals or hoodlums who band together for mutual protection and profit. 2. A group of adolescents who band together, especially a group of delinquents. 3. Informal A group of people who associate regularly on a social basis. So according to the dictionary, 2D4 is technically a gang
  8. With the gun in this position, you could call it Kamasutra.
  9. do or do not, there is not try - joda
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