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Everything posted by enoknat

  1. Dope emit can't fOrget bout tuke beast bra
  2. Most def bra just like the way color were put 2gether kwest def beast mode n def can't forget my boy OUIJA also beast mode
  3. Nice drips on the. Piece mek eggxelent prodo
  4. This shit rite here very nice
  5. DoPe jive any one got old jive Pieces
  6. Highways are the shit but u won't catch my ass up there ^^^^^^^ dope
  7. Very nice FUA great start for summer 2011
  8. Huh mr bel getting it in Brotha like this one
  9. Yea man u got cool name letters go so well
  10. my Latest sketches and outline left character by me right side karacter face+colored by prim body colored by me
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