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  1. im going to be in oldtown in about an hour im also expecting either some pussy or pigs come out and visit me people guys and girls more girls than guys well im off and ill be there and no im not a cop fucken retard
  2. been a while since i have been on this forum bump your mother and father show was alright yesterday thee wrath does suck so do people who dance at shows what am i saying though im just a punk ass hipster this was wack....sorry p.s i cant spread reputation around to anyone anymore
  3. hey thats not that bad ashy... try having some youngsters try and run up on you at work telling me how they are going to blast me and and shit in front of my customers too oh well thats my life in a nutshell haha
  4. so on second thought the party will be moved to 222 Lincoln Ave thats were my homie little og lives he has really nice friends as well as some mean ones but dont worry we are very friendly if you get to know us at times we may seem racist and it gets to make you a little unnerving but in the end its all love so remember 222 Lincoln Ave This saturday at 6pm-??!?!?! bring your supplies and a name tag we are all going to get to know eachother really well :]
  5. im really happy. i just wanted all my friends on the oz to know i will be celebrating this weekend at the food court in northridge mall head over and bring your black books!!! party starts at 6pm by the McDs. be there or be square!!!
  6. that may be an AR-15 with a vertical grip but it may be be an M-4 carbine i cannot really tell on the size of it im a retired cop... OOO00oops
  7. there was a line and i was on the opposite side being a creep taking pictures of everyone taking a picture
  8. I am going out on a walk. I will be ready for anyone to come my way. W3RM83...we can do some plyometrics after my walk i need a proper warm up before i stretch
  9. i personally like neckface but i take it you dont its ok
  10. directed towards me? nigga orby is not neckface and if he is then i want to see his stockton ass up on it hahahahhaaaaaaaaaaaaha ....i need to learn how to laugh...sorry
  11. im not lying ask anyone on the OZ his shit looks exactly the same all the fucking time and he cant back his shit up either who cares if he gets up i have seen other people get up and they suck too
  12. i gotta admit LCM has some clean shit but orby?....he licks dick his shit looks exactly the same. no style
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