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  1. after this video started i thought i was watching a pacsun commercial. i feel like he brought a mark ecko magazine ad to east town mall(or hickory hollow) and said "make me look like this guy"
  2. also just some remindrs of do's and dont's. and dont forget to wear your helmet. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=alrLdtT1DSI
  3. good to see gnars back on here. I found this, although i'm sure it's been posted before. thought it was funny.
  4. it's been a while. Toby and Rakn have come a loooonnngg way. Goddamn that last rakn is sick.
  5. best recognize, this playground has been claimed by reemer. Don't bring your kids to his turf.
  6. I caught that paest and page rooftop on the way to work the other day. nice
  7. That goes is dope. Getting complicated
  8. fuck hobo city now days..it's a trap!
  9. bump betor. Always with the simple but unique style.
  10. wow...a new tm train :scrambled: :D
  11. second to last is "newer" scar. not sure what the last is....it was a production that was in progress. probably an ab head.
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