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  1. Good news, I love how everyone on 4chan thinks they're untouchable. No matter how much shit they post they have this idea that nothing will happen. In reality a huge percentage of them are kids under 17 who would end up bawling their eyes out if they were convicted of trafficking CP. I'd love to see that day. The only good thing they do is abuse Scientologists, but anyone can do that..
  2. That guy's trying to kiss the bitch while her lips are wrapped around his buddys cock. Fuck that.
  3. Man, screw the self surgery, your place is dope. Always wanted to fix up a place out in the middle of nowhere. Good on ya. But really, I cut out some thing in the back of my leg once. That shit left a whack scar, but it was so infected at one point I couldn't bend my leg... Another time I tried to cut out an ingrown toenail with a scalpel, hand slipped and sliced the bottom of my toe clean off. Held it together with a band-aid and the cut was so clean the skin just re-attached. Now, post moar house photos! I've heard about those Brown Recluses, sneaky things. At least you're not in Aus where every killer animal under the sun seems to live!
  4. I feel your struggles Jackson. Unemployed and watching copious amounts of porn each day myself. I might join you and KM4RT in this battle. It's just a boredom thing, 'Oh hey, nothing to do, might just watch a porno or two.' And then 3 hours later you know you're fucked... Starting in 15 minutes, being midnight. Fuck
  5. Hey Menino, those photos are great. Seriously good work man, that's a pretty heavy story but it's a great social documentary. I feel like I'm reading The Big Picture or something. Propped as much as I can.
  6. It should work perfectly fine, but it'll be cropped on the DX sensor of your D90. That's probably the only thing.
  7. Is the 50mm 1.4? I've never seen a f1.5 I shoot with this 50mm 1.4 on my FE2 body, and a lot of the time I'll use it on my D300s. It works fine and it's going having the aperture ring. It won't autofocus but that's not important. http://www.kenrockwell.com/nikon/50f14ai.htm Check out all these other 55's from Nikon http://www.photosynthesis.co.nz/nikon/lenses.html#50fast
  8. Worst one I had came after some bad chicken Subway. Woke up early the next morning and felt it brewing, thought it would be the usual bumwee until I was pissing out my ass WHILE throwing my guts up for the next 24 hours. VOMITING AND SHITTING AT THE SAME TIME ISN'T COOL.
  9. If there's 12oz Tees in production there better be shipping to Australia! But seriously, I would buy shit if it shipped here. And whoever else has said laptop/netbook/ipod/iphone skins.. That'd be sweet. iPhone shop works well, so an app would be dope.
  10. Looking through my Grandads old camera bag and I found the receipt for all of his gear. Dated 2/2/65. Purchased in Singapore. I still use the camera and lenses today. Asahi Pentax SV w/ -28mm f3.5 -55mm f1.8 -200mm f5.6
  11. da1lyoperations


    :lol: :lol: :lol: I ignored this thread until I saw the amount of pages. Holy shit! Ch0 is on fire lately.
  12. Excuse the shitty scans.. More here, http://www.flickr.com/photos/dailyoperation/
  13. I've heard they're not too bad for entry level cameras. I know a girl who has one and produces some nice stuff with it. Then there's the bonus of the funky colours, haha. I couldn't imagine using anything other then a black one though.
  14. The only 2 hats I wear..
  15. I can't stand the mesh back on those hats. Nice cap but that shit ruins it for me.
  16. Braaa, we gotta get with the new trends now though :(
  17. It's all about the bend in your cap. The flatter, the shitter!
  18. Man my mate got into their little clan in about 25 minutes. 2 days later I'm still waiting. Time to try a new email and some bible loving quote shit!
  19. You have to wait for them to 'approve' your name after the account is verified. On some cult shit.
  20. That's what I mean, I don't care if they want to believe in something but I'm completely against religion. All religion in general, root of all evil. But listen to these motherfuckers, hahaha. Time to make an account.
  21. This bitch is talking about making ham sandwiches
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