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  1. Processing and putting together colour shots from Tokyo for a zine - @dailyoperations on IG
  2. Man, I sent out everything. But I had the worst luck with Aus post. I think I still have a couple lying around, I'll pack one up and send it again.
  3. "You must spread some Reputation around before giving it to Schnitzel again." Damn, congratulations on the kid man! I never did thank for you the last issue you sent me. It was sick though, let me know when #4 is done and I'll PayPal you some dollars for it. Really appreciate the work you've put into it. I'm about halfway to having a complete zine from Japan done, it's just sorting out printing colour stuff. But I'll get one to you once it's done.
  4. Put together a bit of stuff I shot in Osaka/Tokyo in Feb. Wish I properly explored some video stuff but I was trying to shoot a thousand other things. Going to do some more this year, look at some documentary style stuff. It's pretty rough, but take a look, thanks.
  5. I used AirBnB to find accommodation in Tokyo, and it was fucking rad. I don't want to do hotels again after that. I had only heard of it a few months before, but it worked out so well. I didn't get to meet the hosts but they definitely went out of their way to make sure we had everything we needed. Hand written/drawn notes on how to use the washing machine/cookers etc.. And they left a couple of drinks in the fridge for us. It was an awesome little apartment too, right in Harajuku. You get a completely different experience while you're staying there, it feels like your home for that time rather then just a hotel or hostel. Definitely check it out, but yeah. Read the reviews, look at what people have said. It's worthwhile though. Often a lot cheaper then the hotels too.
  6. Click through for more - http://joelwestworth.wordpress.com/ Osaka/Tokyo 2013. I will post more here in the near future, been real busy at the moment, but I'm getting back on track.
  7. Thanks! But your forest motorcycle photos are much better, haha. Makes me want to shoot colour film again. Okay, over the digital shit now. Here's a couple from Japan. Finally processing everything. Still have a lot to get through but I'm working towards an exhibition. Osaka, Japan. Ricoh GR1 - Fuji Neopan 400 - Rodinal @ 1:25. Feat. 12oz Prophet tee.
  8. Good to see some more stuff up in here recently, and a few people back posting regularly! Nice to see some shots from you SM, good stuff. Mercer, loving the Instagram lately, straight killing it man. Some random digital stuff. Osaka - Back home now so here's some shots from rural NSW -
  9. Here's a few of the Instagram flicks I forgot to throw up in here, some of you may have seen them. Threw up quite a few of these, already seen some Osaka heads catching flicks of them That's about all for my digital snapshots folks, I've got 7 rolls of B/W to process and a few disposables here. Will post up some of that once it's done. Will be saving some B/W work to exhibit and putting the disposable stuff in a zine. There's quite a bit of stuff I've left out in terms of action flicks ft. the Tokyo homies but that will all be available once I get something printed. Cheers guys, hope you enjoyed it!
  10. Met some cool fucking people that night, Japan heads are wild. Haha. Ended up starving but McDonalds wasn't serving food until 6am and the first one we went to the kitchen wasn't working. Ended up worth it, McChicken McMuffin. Fucking best thing. Pervin' Wish I could have smuggled some of these back. Some more rap taggin' Peak hour in Shibuya Copped some stickers the next day Took a lot of photos with these, have to get them processed first and may save a lot for a zine. Funsavers. Picked up a souvenir from the homie Had to pack my bags and bounce, sadly Had been looking for these everywhere and finally found them at the airport Mile High poos
  11. Got some 8am dinner and had a quick nap Went to Asakusa, Sensoji Temple Got some Takoyaki Shibuya Scramble Made some new friends that night Saw some familiar names from back home, and some global. Mook Life up on there
  12. Ended up leaving in the early morning and it was icy as fuck, trying to snow but it was just sleet Hit up this dope standing sushi joint in Shibuya the next day Dinner, freshness burger is the shit BLACK MAN Copped some more cheap buys Made some half assed udon before heading out Lots of scene missing here, matey was asleep within an hour of rocking up
  13. Hardcore Shit!! Copped this, RIP Tim Dog. Went to some Mexican joint and met a few cool people who showed us to their friends bar later. Cutie serving had a little profile up on the wall Hip Hop! So much good used gear in Japan Went to meet a mate to go to his friends bar, always forget you can smoke inside there, liberating. Ha.
  14. Asked the guy next to us if the train had WiFi and he ended up shouting us beers, worked for a company designing international shopping malls. Got to our apartment in Tokyo then took a walk Had a little garden on the balcony Harajuku shits Shibuya New addition
  15. Had to get a power adapter and found this in the same store Checked out some shit the next day on the way to booking the train to Tokyo They were playing a video demonstration on how to use the dildos Louis Louis Lulz Punk bike Got a quick meal before the train Waiting for the Shinkansen
  16. Rode across the city to get this Ramen, there's a joint in Sydney part of the same chain and the chef trained here in Japan. Next level shit Rode around again on the last night, nice sunsets
  17. Back in Osaka. Homie flew in the next day so I went for a quick walk before he landed. Went for some drinks Ended up going to this tiny joint for some fucking dope okonomiyaki, the owner didn't speak English so he called a friend and we used them to translate, awesome guy. Had a few beers and drank some whiskey with him and his wife and chef. Great people. Ended up roaming around pretty pissed, tried to steal a bike but luckily the wheel was locked. Thankfully, would have been a bad idea. Also don't wanna rack some nice persons bike, haha. Got some amazing hungover udon, everyone is so excited when you make the effort to talk to them and compliment them. The chef wanted to hit us on Facebook straight away, went back for seconds the next day just cause he was so rad. Lunch time Went for a walk to hire bikes for the last 2 days. Cheap and made it fucking easy to get around to spots and see the city.
  18. Next day got up and took the train to Kobe. Went to go up Mt. Rokko, and it was freezing. Taking snaps along the way. Caught the bus to the Cable Car stop to get up the mountain. Had to take another bus from the top to get higher up for the lookout, it was still early and overcast though. Waited for the bus to come back, but all the signage was in Japanese and nobody seemed to be around. Kinda felt like Open Water but I was on a mountain, the bus just never came back. Decided to walk back down. Ended up getting a good view on the way back though. Kobe City, Got back to the bottom and had some lunch, then had a lurk round the streets.
  19. Next day I went to see the Osaka Castle, again a pretty touristy thing but some cool areas to explore around it. Went for a lurk around Shinsekai, one of Japans poorest areas. Minimal development since WWII. Checked out the Tsūtenkaku Tower there. View from the tower.
  20. Okay, so I figured rather then starting a new thread I'd just continue on this one. I feel this is just a continuation of my last visit anyway. I've got a mix of iPhone snaps and proper camera photos so I'll try to keep them together, but since I landed I've picked up a rugged flu. That's what you get for not sleeping and coming home to hot shitty weather! Try to keep some order where I can, the iPhone flicks may be a bit larger.. Enjoy! Flying into Tokyo before transferring to Osaka Relaxed here after a late flight Got up the next morning and headed to the Osaka aquarium to see some Whale Sharks Walked back via the Umeda Sky Building to check out the city Spent a few hours getting my bearings, had a few days before the homie flew in so I was spending that time doing some touristy shit. And relaxing.
  21. Thanks man! I know exactly where that is. They definitely have a world of wonderful stationary that's for sure.
  22. Can anyone point me to the direction of any stores in Osaka that may sell aerosol paints. And stationary stores with a good range. Message me if you like, Google has been absolutely no help. I'm outta here on Monday so it would be good to find something by tomorrow afternoon. Thanks!
  23. Bumping this for an update... I got your zines the other week Laksa, was going to email you but between new positions at work, finding a flatmate and shit it's been busy. Thanks though! Shared a couple already and they're dope. Anyway, flying out tomorrow morning at 9am to land in Osaka by 8pm. Taking a digital camera this time so when I get back there will be some real photos to post here. If you wanna see some live updates follow me on the gram @dailyoperations
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