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  1. i'm not mad, my emotional spectrum is comprised of more than happy sad mad hoe nigga. i think its hilarious your boy is raggin' on dude in the video for painting. on a forum..for painting.
  2. ha fuck you faggot, i don't support any bullshit, including motherfuckers talking shit on the internet, oh noez neg me neg me
  3. at least this toy is painting, while you're on the internet jocking/
  4. from the homie andrew, nyc lurkin'
  5. that aaaaaaqqqua, damn. metr
  6. cold killer, webnone ris
  7. if you battle L, you picked the wrong head/I smash mics like corn bread you can't kill me i was born dead
  8. I just saw "American Gangster" - The Romper Room Gang featuring Mac DRE anyone else see it
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