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  1. ياخي والله مو فايق لكم كس امكم اولاد الكلب
  2. that's it more Arrows!! why every body say "more arrows" does arrows have a strong effect on my piece or the letter structure?
  3. hey guys oky that's my another uncolored toy piece hope u like it<< sorry didnt but my stylish tag was in hurry.. waiting for your feedback
  4. cause we dont have montana cans or caps just cheap spray :(
  5. oky man that's wat am doing right now with my group thx we gonna practice hard
  6. hey wus up every one , i like to share our graffiti in this thread << :D we are group from : saudi arabia << peace full people :) oky lets start Our logo : MAD JOKERZ (MJ'z) oky the end , and i know the graffiti Focuses on the letters so next time we gonna make alot of it... note : plz plz I Want to take advantage from your comment not "toy haters" comment if you don't like it just leave i don't want to here any shit :confused:
  7. oky fine cause iam from middle east - saudi arabia not from america i talk arabic and my second language is english
  8. What's wrong with my english , am here to learn not to get fucked up from some "toys haters"
  9. you are just a member dude , and lok am still practicing man so if u gonna raise your head up and act like a "pro writer" till me wat to do to make my graff better , not only to post it on toy section , man shame on you
  10. WTF Are u takin about this is my style and if it taken show me and prove it , and don't "f" with me , deuce u
  11. Hey all Writers Wus up , This my first thread hope u like it , my old piece i did it.. Plz give your opinion and comment To take some advantage thx u all :) Deuce
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