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  1. Glen...you know you can just stop comimg on here right? Unless that's too hard for you to do.... Anyways bump Agent Gasm and Chaos all day
  2. Yeah Mr Revok...ain't seen no jaunt spots for him after your retarded buddies went over him. Sup?
  3. Lush ramen Gasm Elmer hiena shock. Buuuump
  4. CENO ALL DAY!!! Come back to he murder mitten asap!
  5. I think its a glitch. There's people i know online right now that haven't been on here in a good month
  6. To be honest i could care less about is beef...i was actually yawning wondering why anyone would create an account o come talk shit and make it public like any of us care? But you really wanna run your mouth to me? Alright word.
  7. Man. Screw by far has one of my favorite throws.
  8. Dsd why are you such a bully and always mean to people and want to hurt everyone? On a serious note though King Rayd is running this city. He calls people pretending he's with Gray and tries getting Gray in the middle of shit for some reasn acts like him and Amo are really close. Plus Rayd/Baker/Milf runs the area of Detroit right outside Grosse Pointe. He has at least 3 spots...bow down. PS. DSD'S girlfriend is from Grosse pointe. He don't hate the ity he actually Jinks its a beautiful city and a great place to raise kids. He really likes the high ranked school.system also.
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