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  1. EKOR702


    Win, win, win, win win.
  2. Dude!!! That shit is so sick. And it goes perfcect with its surroundings.:) :) :)
  3. definatly on my top five .
  4. Ooooh man, comming accross this thread was a big confindence boost. :D :D :D
  5. i was gonna show yall this shit a wile back. some of the clips are preety old froim back in the days and whe still puting in work.
  6. Hes been my favorite pro for many years, and he would continue to push the limits of skateboarding.
  7. damm i miss the days when i used to get a 411vm issue every month. i still have my big pile of videos, but damm i miss beeing 13 years old
  8. check out my homies chanel Smuzzlepuffs desert breeze all day.
  9. bones wheels 50's and some bones bushings theyr alright. and those hermans 2's are the best shoes to skate in my oppinion i went through 3 pairs this 2 months shreding it to the gnarrr:D :D :D .
  10. those two last videos made my jaw drop. nice
  11. ^^^^^^ dope that fake tre at 36:00 was steeze
  12. i kinda feel bad bcause nobody wants to fight someone u look up to.:(
  13. i wasnt there thogh lol i left an hour early
  14. look at antwan fighting two dudes at my local park. they told me he was pilled out smoked out and hih lol
  15. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PxovhjFj-mk&feature=related BLACK NINJA. FUNNY ASS SHIT LOL WERES YO MAMA AT IMA FUCK THAT BTCH
  16. omfg u seriosly need a motorcycle to film this guy
  17. u know what else is fresh tough pharmacy boardshop :D http://vimby.com/video/sports/us/all/detail/6832/Martin_Luther_King_Skatepark/
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