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Everything posted by bloodsex

  1. you're a fucking idiot. shut up
  2. Bump that ass. More flicks of that bitch
  3. Shut up haters, Kora puts in work while you just talk shit and sit on your ass in front of the computer
  4. Dude just stop talking.. Post flicks or shut up
  5. feds are gonna crack down on all this fucking kiddie porn
  6. and the u-haul tower has some new shit on it. cant really tell what it says tho. looks like "ucme"? someone with a working camera please step up
  7. sorry to break you heart "amen" dsb, but amen is taken. nsf sws. ask somebody
  8. hahaha why does this broad have on a bra and a bathing suit at the same time:confused: :lol:
  9. some one please educate "traps" on the real "trap" IF crew
  10. this thread went down hill fast.
  11. :rolleyes: why you fools getting mad over out of towners puttin in work. you should be embarrassed and go put in as much work as they are and then some, or just cry on 12oz...:scrambled:
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