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Everything posted by amnesia

  1. when i go over a really bad pothole and worse when i know where its at and i forget to switch lanes..... fuck that shit, and then this happens
  2. thats the last fucking time i fuck a bitch on her days for bribe
  3. Fuck a purebred get a mutt playa!
  4. False its alllll goood, tpbm is ready to eat some damn good food right about now.
  5. A family of tomatoes were hiking in the woods when the youngest one falls behind, the father goes back to him steps on his toes and says catchup.......badum tisss
  6. coste get out while you still can!!!
  7. Got called for it once ended up unlucky enough to get picked and shit lasted 2 days all because some bitch bit some people at a Christmas party and got drunk as fuck. Shit pay but my job paid me the day so it wasnt that bad just boring as fuck and downtown restaurant food.
  8. Re: I wanna see your...........PETS! dollie, shes a hairless chinese crested.
  9. When coworkers are Fucking stupid and lazy to do their job.
  10. Just getting news my girl is prego!
  12. A friend and i used to steal paint and shit when we used to work at a hardware store, never got caught but we'd get bitched at by our manager whenever hed find empty boxes thinking other people stole his shit.
  13. Bought my 06 jetta from them, no pproblems so far and it's been about half a year we'll see whatsup though but they're not that bad.
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