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  1. from about a month ago the k isnt portioned to the z i need to cut down on the extensions
  2. thought i might as well post it here since the toy thread is dead
  3. somthing recently letters dont flow inoe that
  4. nah that isnt me but i have some stuff in the thread when i was really toy if u go back alot of pages
  5. goes from oldest to newest
  6. your letters suck lmao keep practicing and fuck the colors well if its for somebody who doesnt write the colors make the peice
  7. you just fuckin suck get a couple of regular notebooks and practice your ass off
  8. u do realize nobody gives a shit if u feelin upset go watch some stand up comedy
  9. all yah niggas can eat my ass under the coneyisland boardwalk for free with that sweet and sour sauce fuck your life hop on my 98 dirt bike
  10. i dont wanna exhange but ill do your name
  11. fuck you kern you can eat my ass slowly with some mcdonalds sweet and sour on it
  12. lmfaoo when u win a battle you can pick the word so get off 12oz and go practice some letter structure
  13. nahh century sams picks the word so its mesh and leave at that unless he decides to change it
  14. how come in this thread when ever someone posts somthing thats more fucked up than arrow on a throw up callin it a wildstyle people dont give them actuall advice they just say ohh ur letters just a lil off or just fix up ur 3d a lill
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